Showing Depth In Revit Elevations

I am sure many of you much like myself do not like the look of Revit elevation. This script is an attempt to fix this and make them look better. While this script does exactly what I wanted the result fell short. People have been complaining about the look of Revit elevation since its inception. I feel this script gets us a step closer but not all the way there. If any of you have ideas to improve my thinking or different thoughts on how to do accomplish this task it would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have a better and faster way to wright the script I am all ears as well (still learning dynamo).

With all that being said here is the script. I am posting images rather than the file so people will have to read and understand whats going on rather than just hitting run.

This script will select all elements in the active view and then assign them to one of five categories of ranges. The ranges are user defined through Code Blocks. Since every faced and the elevations distance from the faced is different each elevation will need its own set of ranges. All elements are then assigned a shade of grey or left unchanged (if within the closest range).

Total time to complete task has ranged from 2-3 minutes per elevation. The project I have been testing it on is about 700,000 sq sf and 13 stores tall. Each elevation has about 10-14,000 elements. My computer has i7 3.40GHz and 32 GB or ram. Wanted to give you a base point since it does take a couple of minutes to run.

I hope this helps,