Show wall intersect

Hi all,

In my project, there are many types of wall. Examples: type A (generic 200mm), type B (interior blockwork), type C, D…

I want to check intersection between two type wall. In once type wall, have element intersect with another type wall?

Fox example:

And i have a file dynamo:

But, with the node Geometry.Does Intersect, how to continue to perform if True, it can show element intersect.

Such as this above example. If check Intersect is True, I can know there are wall A1 of type A intersect wall B2 of type B.

Thank for your help.

Or for it easy, if have more than one element of wall type A have intersected with more than one element of wall type B, show it.
Come back the above example, if the [0] list have more than one sublist is True, how to display [0] list: true.