Show splash image when dynamo run

Hello. Is it possible for an image to be displayed on the screen when Dynamo runs, for example to show that please wait and the name of the script developer is displayed.


Do you mean when a user use the player?
DataShapes can give you a pop up and ask UserInput but you can also give message back.

Yes, we want to Show an image after the run and during the analysis to complete the script execution process. But we want this to be done preferably without the need for a package. For example Python code or any way.

Hi @alirahbar_2000 ,

Just like @jw.vanasselt said would I also suggest using the Data-Shapes package.
Yes, you could write python yourself, but the tasks you are describing are exactly what Data-Shapes is made for. :smiley:

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Hi. Yes Data shape Show an image befor scrip run but i want Show an image during run process. My script run time is about 8 min and i want to Show an image during this time.

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It’s a bit of a crappy solution, but you could use Python to open an image file from server while the script runs, then close it at the end. The os library can do these sorts of things I think. As you mentioned, a form within the script will hold it up unfortunately so it would need to be a separate process/program if you need it to remain onscreen.

For long scripts I sometimes use this workflow for Dynamo to email me when it’s done, that way I can put it behind other tasks until then: