Show labels of Points


I’m learning how to start evaluting surfaces and generating a series of points and then populating a series of adaptive components to those points. I’m running into an issue where I don’t know which points are which from watching my lists. I right click and I check “Show Labels” but nothing happens. How can you show the labels of the points that are being generated?


Nevermind. I think I figured it out. Show labels only works on the nodes and not in the watch panels. Sorry for posting dumb questions!


Nope its not a dumb question, please feel free to ask each and every questions that comes along trying out Dynamo, we are happy to answer everything.

For understanding correct location of Point from the array of Points, you can connect output of Node to Watch node and then select Points from watch node which will highlight its location in array of points along with its index. (see attached image.)

I hope this will answer your question.



Show labels of Points


Hmmm. That doesn’t work for me on Build


You need to wire Z value as well, as you can see the node is Gray in color it means it has not full feel the criteria of all connections, once you wire Z it will turn to Orange and then your Graph will execute.

In daily build we have a concept of Default value so when there is no user defined input then it will take 0 as an input.




I see. I had assumed what you had shown in your last reply was a working example unless I missed something else. Thanks.


no, in the actual daily build the code block wired to just one coordinate is working fine.




It looks like you are running on .63, have you switched the version with the version selector in the addins tab of revit? .7 installed alongside .63.