Shortcut for Preview and Freeze

Wouldn’t it be a good feature if there is a shortcut (p for preview and f for freeze) when I select a particular node.
Also is it possible to use freeze and preview for multiple selected nodes?

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Preview is possible to turn off and on for multiple nodes!

You have to select the nodes or groups you want to turn off. Right click IN THE BACKGROUND!!! and click Hide all geometry preview.

For freezing multiple nodes I have made my own plug-in for Dynamo. But there are others which have the same function.

The Beyond Dynamo Addin is opensource in GITHUB if you want to install it, but it is still under development :sweat_smile: Maybe I can


Is there a way of mapping this to a hotkey? So we can toggle the preview on or off?

I can give you a great reference from Grasshopper :grin:
Preview and Freeze anything with simple Ctrl + Q / Ctrl + E

Okay Okay, here it is with a hotkey…
I will use Grasshopper as a reference and use the same keyboard shortcuts. This ways something is finally the same between GH and Dyn. :roll_eyes:

I am gonna fix the preview as well before I am uploading a new version to github

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That’s really nice of you.
For so long time, I have to activate/deactivate the preview and freeze one by one manually. And I don’t know where to send this feedback.

I released a new version of Beyond Dynamo where you can now use the short keys for freezing multiple nodes and previewing multiple nodes. If you still need this, you can download it at my github or in the Dynamo Package manager.


amazing :sunny: Really time saving. You are the hero