"Sheet.Views" node error with drafting view or Legend on the sheet

Hello everyone,

I’m having a problem with the “Sheet.Views” node.

I want to get the views of a sheet, but when there is a drafting view or Legend on the sheet, I have an error with the “Sheet.Views” node.

I can not find a solution to this problem.

Someone would have a solution.

Thank you


Without looking into your whole graph i can say your connecting views to it. Could you show us your complete graph.

Hi Kulkul,

Thank you for interest in my problem

The first exemple is with Legend on the sheet

With drafting view, the node work.

@LFNM Try the other node from Rhythm “Sheet.GetViewportsAndViews” it should read any views:

thank you,

I had already used in my script the noed package Rhythm, but I did not want dependency. Because all the nodes that I use I integrate them in my package with my scripts so that the users is only one package to install.

And the node “Sheet.GetViewPortsAndViews” is in a dll. This is not a standard custom node and I can not integrate it into my package.

In that case use “Springs.SheetViews+” node:

Yes !

Thank you very much, it was hours that I was looking for a solution.

@LFNM Next time if you got stuck do come back here our community is to help others. You’re Welcome!