Sheet Revisions from Linked File - Error linkDoc

hello @SeanP I have tested the script, and I get null

If that seems like other question I will create a new post, but I created a custom node to set Long Lacing and it works,

but I suppose I would have to create a dictionary and filter by the sheet that I want in each document because different sheets contain different revisions, that means group revisions by sheets or start the script getting all the sheets and later, all revisions on each sheet; which I only was able to achieve with one archilab node, but no idea of how to do it in python instead


it is very useful, although I use it because I got the intention to know the revision number on the sheet revision schedule (graphic schedule), although I get the sequence number, then I have to split the text to extract the sequence and get all revisions in the document and ask tell me wich one it is the revision that is living on the schedule sheet.

Basically I get a sequence number but I do not know what is the final result in the sheet or paper. If that could be extracted in same python all job done. I am not able to get Revision Number from the Revision Elements Parameters, although the rest of information is available on Parameters OOTB node.

Many thanks for your support, very useful.

The linkDoc error is just a minor naming mistake. The code first defines link but then calls linkDoc instead.