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I have a feeling this is meant to happen to stop issues with the script in areas but there may be situations where a special character may be used within a drawing sheets but i have noticed that dynamo node will not allow this from being applied. Or would there have to be a work around of us utilising say python to convert these into the python code equivalent then applying it via python as well?



Brendan, Have you actually tried doing that in Revit via UI? I did, here’s what happens: Untitled-1 Now, I think it’s pretty clear that you cannot exactly use these characters to name things in Windows environment in general. Why? It’s because of how these special characters are used by computer programmers and their special meaning in most programming languages:

/ is a switch (and also a directory separator).

\ is a directory separator. : is a drive designator.

  • and ? are wildcards used in searching.

" is a way to allow spaces in parameters.

< and > are redirection that allow input and output of a program to come from, and go to, something other than screen/keyboard.

| is a pipe that allows output from one program to be used as input to the next


Now, I hope that you can see that Dynamo team is not really mean to us, taking away special characters. It’s quite opposite, they are nice to us, shielding us from possible issues that would arise from using these characters. I hope this explains it. ps. Characters explanation comes from this post:


Ps. I am sorry for how poorly this is formatted. This forum sucks. I wish i could make this more readable but I can’t.

Hi Konrad,

I am hoping to incorporate using wildcard coding in order to deal with naming sectors (and cleaning up problems when necessary). Basically I want the wildcard to do a clean wipe of a whole bunch of yes/no parameters that all have the same root name but differing in the sector label. In this case I could quickly remove all the instance parameters incorrectly turned on and then take a second pass to apply the single proper value that should be associated in the family. (dealing with key plans and associated sheets is always oh so much fun!) Let me know if this wildcard functionality is possible in Dynamo. Thanks!


If you use API in revit python shell, it is sucess make Sheet name and View name with special character. I tested and i’m sure about this

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