Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews "cannot pack views..."?


I keep getting this error, yet the views look just fine (cropped and they fit in the sheet), and the origin of my sheets are at the lower left corner of the titleblock.

Although there are several threads on the subject (a few of them claiming that this node actually works), I cannot find a sample graph showing it creating sheets and placing views on them.

my questions are:

  1. Does anyone have a sample graph with this node actually working?
  2. Why do I get a list of “Null” even thought the sheets are actually created fine?
  3. Any unavoidable work around to place views on sheets? I know this is done all the time… ?

thank you



I found a sample.

However, plan views seem not to work.

I manage to place an elevation and a 3D perspective, but no plans…

Again, how do we place plan views on sheets?

thank you

  1. See attached, which I ran without issue on the ‘rac_basic_sample_project.rvt’ file without issue.
    Sheet by Name, Number, TB and Views.dyn (6.5 KB)

  2. You get null because you’ve caused a warning. If I adjust my view so it no longer fits on the page (say be setting the scale to 1:2) I get the same result.

  3. The work around is to ensure that your view’s viewport (called this instead of view crop because it’s on a sheet now so it is shrunk by the scale) is smaller than the title block in the X and Y direction, and toss a warning informing of such. Looks something like this (though I lack the time to debug it for you)

If the view’s viewport is even slightly bigger than the sheet’s titleblock, the algorithm doing the view packing will fail. There’s a few great alternatives on the forum, the first that comes to mind is this one:

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