Sheet by Name Number etc. node not working

Hi all,

I have been writing a script to create views and sheets from an Excel file and so far the testing has gone well. A process that could have taken several days can now be completed in well under an hour, which is nice.

Last week, I tried to use the script on an actual file and found that despite the view crop being a suitable size to fit on a sheet, the viewport size is much larger than the visible section of the view and this is causing the operation to fail.

I tried both View and Views nodes with the same result; this is the error:

“Warning: Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews operation failed.
View 0 could not be packed on the Sheet. The sheet is 2.75918635170593 x 1.9488188976378 and the view to be added is 4.54535548677126 x 4.27718240998221”

Any pointers on how to work around this would be very useful, please. No matter what size I set the view extents to, the viewport comes on to the sheet at the size of the entire project, rather than tight to the crop boundary.