Sharing Scrips in Office with People who do not know Dynamo

Hello all,

I am developing helpful Dynamo scrips for Revit at my office. I would like to share these scrips with others in the office so they can use them but there is only one other person who knows Dynamo.

Has anyone else done this? Recommendation on what to do or just not do it? I am thinking of putting together PDF instructions on what to do and color cote (with groups) instruction within dynamo. So far all they would have to change is some wording (parameter names) and simple stuff. If something were to go wrong though all hell would break loos.


All so is there a way to save all of my packages so if they do use my scrips they will have same versions as me?


Thanks for any help / advice,


I think you are on a path. Making a PDF of what you have made would be a good start. Using the groups is a nice way to let people know what they have to input or change.

For me I have started saving my nodes on the network but have yet to instruct anyone else on how to use them. That would be a good first step, just find a place on the network to store them then others know where they are.

As for the last part I think that is the hard part, making sure everyone has the same version of a package as you do. Perhaps one way around this is when you update a package that the rest of your team gets an e-mail letting them know of the update and that either they should do it, or perhaps your IT department can help them.


I would also recommend you sitting down with this one user (and others as they get more comfortable) and watch them as they run your DYN so you can answer any questions or see if any problems occur.


Good luck and I think you are already on a good path!

You can Specify the path that Dynamo uses to get Packages you’ve downloaded. Have your users repath the Packages to a network drive, and be sure to update that network folder when you download an update/new package.

Hi Steven,

If your looking to share your Dynamo scripts at your office i recommend you to try creating some Buttons on Revit Ribbons using Dyno browser. So any one need to use script they can just hit the button. Good Luck!

We mirror a network folder to local user folders at login. People who know what they are doing get writing acces to the network folder. Others can fool around on their local folders to their harts content. If they remember to rename their modified scripts, they get to keep them.

Wow Thanks everyone for all of the helpful tips. I will look into all of them.