Shared Parameters - Set the right Revit Group with "Parameter Groups"(archilab)

Hi everyone, I’m tryng to add some shared parameters from Excel to Revit.
My scrypt is working how I need, but I’m not able to put some parameters in the right group in Revit.
I know that for Dimensions i have to choose PG_GEOMETRY, Other corresponds to INVALID and so on, but if I want put some parameter under Mechanical? or Material and Finishes? how can I do?

Mechanical: PG_MECHANICAL. Material and finishes: PG_MATERIAL.
Here is a list of all possible group names:


FYI the core node Select Builtin Parameter Group has all the groups listed in a dropdown selection.

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Oh, yes i found this page yesterday but i wasn’t able to get right way to this section! now it works!

Thank you very much!!! This is a good solution, but i prefer took the list of my parameter group from an Excel file with Code Block node!!!