Shape of rebar in rebar schedule

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Can anyone help on how to get shape of rebar in rebar schedule with dynamo or python. Image shown here is not generated one this is just for information prepared directly in revit. I want to generate same using dynamo or python.


You need to add an image to the bar shape families. The images will only show on sheets/prints.

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Thanks for response mate. Please go through video given below. Specially watch video from minutes 8:00 to 9:30. As per your suggestion we can obtain shape of standard shape only. Please suggest what to do for custom shapes.

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Can anyone reply on my concern above. We want shape of bar in schedule through Dynamo, Python or revit API.


Perhaps a workflow similar to this one would work - automate the creation of a legend view for each rebar shape, export each legend view as an image, load the images and set the rebar’s parameter values, then remove the legends:

EDIT: Apologies, I hadn’t realized rebar shapes could not function as legend components. I’d imagine, however, you could do something where you automate the creation of an isolated axonometric view for one instance of each rebar shape and export that view as an image


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Thanks for response. It would be great if you can provide me any example how to create view for rebar as i am new at Dynamo. Also i am mere a civil engineer and not a programmer so not much familiar with coding.


Hi @robert12546358! why do you used this tool NPD in your video! if you wants install this tool NPD i can help you! free tool in Viet Nam! Really good can get any steel bars shape in the schedule

Hi Bach

Yes of course that would great if you can provide that. Only concern is it is in other language than English, if it is available in English that would be awesome. Thanks buddy…cheers…!


@robert12546358 what do you use revit version? 2017 or 2018?

it’s 2018

The first you download this link
then install

Installed. What is the further procedure.

Give me! add facebook or skype or teamview i will support!

Or see this Video! if If it is difficult to understand I will help you further

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I am unable to call right now due to technical reasons. I went through your video but language is still a problem. We are not getting it in English. If you can help, that would be highly appreciated.


@robert12546358 Do you have teamview 13.0 i will install and manual using you

Due to connectivity problem in our area that won’t be possible that’s the problem.

It would be great if you can show me steps to follow manually here in message. That will be really helpful.

Many thanks…


After installation is complete
1.Click NPD-Util
3.Setting -->Select path to place "NPD_Parameter.txt "I sent you together setup
4.Option-click "“Theo cấu kiện” “Tạo bảng thống kê mới” “Tạo hình dạng thép” “Real all”
6.See in schedule There is a new statistics table created


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Big thanks for that. Now it leaves me with only concern of language. I need it in English i don’t understand Vietnamese.

Thanking again…cheers…!!