Setup Photometric Web File Issue


I have problem with setting up a Photometric Web File to Lighting Fixture Family Type.
I’m trying to create new family type by duplicating an existing one and assigning new Photometric Web File.
I’ve checked this article HERE - where is mentioned that the parameter for Photometric Web File is build in and it is called “FBX_LIGHT_PHOTOMETRIC_FILE” . I’m using Archilab SetBuildIn Parameter node to set the parameter but after running the script nothing happend. The parameter value is blank although the script runs with no errors.
I have no idea where I am wrong. I’m attaching the script, the revit model and the IES file which I’m trying to assign.

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance!

AddFamilyTypes.dyn (4.8 KB)
light.rvt (1.5 MB)

Link ot download the IES File

You would probably need to read the parameter first and check how the values can be filled in some parameter fields. But I am not familiar with IES files at all…

From the article in my post you can see that the parameter should be string containing the whole file path. That is exactly what I’m feeding. Also another sign that the parameter format is correct is the fact that the SetBuildin Parameter node is working. So the problem should be elsewhere.

It works for me with the SetParameterByName(TypeOrInstance) node from Rhythm (but I’m on 2017)

Does it solve your issue?

I’ll check later and post the result. Thank you in advance! (Hope it will work with Revit 2015 because this is part of the requirements I have)

@Yna_Db Same problem. The SetPatrameterByName node works but the IES files is not assigned to the Family Type.

Any other ideas, anyone?

I would proceed some tests to identify where the problem comes from (filling the field with a value and use Element.GetParameterValueByName to see if it comes, changing the folder where IES files are, using a file name without spaces, …). If nothing works, it could be difficult to solve…

I’ve tried with different IES files and file locations. The parameter value is string. It is clear from the example and the article that I mentioned in the firs post.
May be if someone is able to convert the code from the ARTICLE to python and make a node that set up this parameter. I don’t know what other can be.

It’s supposed to work, so some extra clues could be useful to anyone willing to code on this. When you set an IES file from the Revit folder, can you get the parameter value into Dynamo?

Yes, the problem is with writing the parameter, not to read it.
There is no workflow now which is able to set up this IES file to the Family Type. I’ve shared the .rvt model, the IES file and the script I beleive this is more than clue. Hope someone will have solution. Cheers.

My proposal gives the expected result in Revit 2017

It is not working in 2017, either

That a good clue. It’s working for me, see here:

I have no more idea on this issue…

Provide please screenshot from the script, please. Because I’m not sure what are you feeding for element in Set Parameter node. I’m feeding the duplicated Family Type because there is no actual elements of this family type.

It’s exactly the script I sent in post 4, I didn’t change anything

So this is different for what am I aimning for. Because in the case I’ve explained and in the file provided, there is no actual elements of the “NEW” family types. And the problem is to assign the parmaeter to the Family Type, not to actual instances of this Family Type.

Yes, you’re right. But then, if you are feeding an Element Type output into an Element input, it won’t work

No. You are able to assign parameter to family types - I’ve already done that with ordinary parameters. The problem comes when trying to assign parameter such as Photometric IES File.
I hope someone will have solution for setting up IES file to Family Type.

I found this in the meantime:

Where did you find this method with buildin parameters? (I mean with Dynamo nodes)