setFormula adds equations as text, not as an equation


i have followed many forums including this on how to add parameters to a family, and to also add a formula using setFormula from the FamilyManager. but for some reason, i can’t get the formula past to my function to come out as an actual equation. it is set as a string instead.
Please take a look at image and see if i am using the correct function or passing the write values for it to be an actual formula without the quotes around it.

Have you tried putting those values into brackets? [ ]

I tried many things… so i had to try it again and see what i get.
so that did not work either.
i was not sure where you wanted me to try the . so i did it on the values in the excel itself, and i tested it in the SetFormula function call:
SetFormula(param, [param_value_lst[r]])

So i am still stuck on this one, this is my 4th day of testing different things.
i hope someone has the answer soon…