Set undefined system type parameter


Is it possible to set the System Type in disconnected elements?
Some elements are disconnected after placing a group.

I try to set a piping system but there is no result in Revit:

It’s the same case as native Revit. You can’t force an unassigned system type directly. You have to add the element to an existing system. You could automate that process in Dynamo.


Yes i do that way as Nick mention its dirty but the same in Revit…so i just create an connection with Mepower and delete it after…think actuelly Mepower had a node addtosystem but i cant get it to work stable :wink:

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Thanks Nick, I thought maybe it was possible in the API but unfortunately.

Can you share that? :slight_smile:

Hi Jan…Mepower had nodes for that…i give an example later, but basically its connect a branch and delete

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Crazy thought, collect all undefined elements. Put back the same family and delete the old one?
Or will that be too complicated?

Yes it is :wink: here is a very rough example



Can you share this script, can’t see where the select model element is connected to haha

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Hi Jan in this example i just connect to startpoint on mepcurve but could be whatever

I have it! :slight_smile: nice job!

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