Set Parameter Value Order Goes Wrong


Hi All,

Thanks in advance for any help.

My error is almost too simple, I feed one list of values to set another list of values, both the same length, no nulls or empty lists and yet for some reason the order freaks out… Note B04 becomes B11… I can’t think of a reason for this. I’ve tried various sorting methods and various similar nodes, but nothing fixes it!

All comments welcome!



Hello @Mark.Ackerley. Try using the same “Elements” feed to both the Set Builtin Parameter and the Get Built in Parameter.




Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for the suggestion unfortunately the output is just the same. It must be something to do with the doors?

I’ve attached a dyn if you’d like a look…



,Set Value Fail.dyn (57.1 KB)


you could try the node flatten like this


Hi Fiesta,

I’ve found the problem, the group that was being used must have corrupted, I deleted and reinstated it, then the graph runs fine :smiley: