Set intersection not working


I cant seem to get set intersection to work. I also am trying list. contains. but cant get intelligible answers. I am trying to get a boolean value for each value if it exists in the full list so I can filter out the ones that dont. Please advise.

I cant get set difference to work either, and i even normalized the list lengths, please advise.

If you are just doing a does Set A contain any in Set B, that has been asked and solved many times before. You can try searching for it here.

If there something more in-depth that you are asking for, can you show a better diagram or make a smaller, less cluttered test script to try out the function on. Sorry but your graphs usually tend to get me anxious just looking at them haha.


The problem was my object types. I was trying to find the over lap between doubles and integers and it was not returning any overlap even though the same numbers were apparently in both lists.