Set Grid Extents and Bubbles

I got it, using weird names and for sure not the cleanest way:


I’m at a conference this week so I can’t fix up anything on this topic myself, but I think this link can provide some clarity for now:

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Thanks Jacob, this is very helpfull and now i know what this is about :slight_smile:
I tried to use this in my script but i did´nt get expected results. I don´t really know where i can use this method. No big deal as long as the code works, but if someone ever wants to help me to clean some things up, I´m in.

But for now there are some problems i have to deal with:

  1. This datum plane doesn’t support bubble operations. -or- This DatumPlane doesn’t have bubbles shown the view.

There are grids in my project that can´t have a bubble activated. Don´t ask me why. The problem is my “Set Bubbles” code will not work if one of sayd grids is in the view. Is there any way to let me check if bubble can be set so i can modify the code so these grids will just be skipped? Or any other way to make the code work for all the other grids?

  1. A segmented gridline will give 2 curves and will be treated like 2 curves:

    I have to check if a grid consists of more than one curve and then treat this segmented grids in another way.

@gerhard.p Fantastic work! Learning so much just reading this thread. Thanks

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please look at this topic , i am stuck in this


@gerhard.p Hi, I tried your python script and it worked well except one case which is if the grids don’t cross the crop region (as shown in the screenshot). Can you have me with this case?

Hello @MinhTran :slight_smile:
Hmm, your picture looks good, the horizontal grid extens got set correct, didn´t they?
Do you mean that multi segment grids? The code does not work for them, better filter them out.

What bothers me is that the code does not work if the whole grid is out of the cropbox. But your case should work.

@gerhard.p Hi, yes the code will not work if the grids are out of the crop box (like the grids in red marked area I showed in the above screenshot). It will work with this case as shown in the image below (one side of the grids cross the crop box).