Set Default file location for Dynamo player via a config file?

We are looking to set the location that Dynamo player looks for add-in to be one centralized location for all of our users. Is there any way to change the default location via a config file or a batch script of some kind? I cannot find any way to do it so far and it would make our lives a lot easier if I could set that default for everyone. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @MDamon031 ,

Take a look at this post:

Thank you! This looks like it may be perfect for us.

I dont know if this is the case for everyone but when we tried to use a central location, Dynamo got really slow for all of our users.
All scripts took 10x longer to open.

We made a powershell script that exports all scripts and packages to a users C drive that gets updated automatically when a script is changed.

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Shameless plug but look into :slight_smile: