Set by parameter is read only( Length)

hI All. I am trying to set the Length to the initial cut size but its saying its read only. This is what I am trying to do

  1. Get the initial cut length
  2. Set initial extensions to zero.
  3. Set the length to the original cut length

The reason why I want to do this setting the extensions to zero when the cut length is not the same as the line length of the lintel causes the cut length to decrease. Basically the formula is cut length=length+start ext+end extension.

Aren’t the 3 parameters you’re trying to change Instance parameters and not Type parameters? Seems like you’re trying to set parameters on a type now.
If this is the case. Make sure you get all elements from familytype first and feed those into the set.parameters nodes.
Keep in mind that instance parameters that can’t vary between group instances can’t be set if the group occurs more than once in your project.

still coming up with the same errors but I guess I wont be able to change it then