Selection by sequence of letters

Hi for all
i’m asking if dynamo can select elements with sequence of letters in their type’s name

i have to work with this structural system (1st picture), I use two kind of Revit foundations (dark grey and light grey)
each one of them (dark and light) contains several revit type, and it’s true for each new expected dimension

So i want to know if i can filter all foundation elements with a part of their name,
because each type with dark grey color begin with S (S1,S2, S3, …), and each light grey foundation types begin with G letter (G1, G2, G3, …)

If i’m on the wrong way, you can propose to me others

I’m novice on Dynamo, and i’m sorry for my bad english (my third language xD)
Thank you in advance








Search for some results on sortbykey

Here is a round about way…

File: FdnFil.dyn

Demo: Project1.rvt


@ Vikram
Two things to say :
1st - Impressive, and thank you for trying to solve this case, it works perfectly
2nd - For me, Dynamo is not for tomorow xD

I manage my work in a similar manner and that is why I originally added the “Collector.FamilyInstances” and “Filter.ByCategoryName” nodes to the spring nodes package. I believe you might find those useful. Please excuse the self promotion :slight_smile: