Selecting only floor plan views in Revit using Dynamo

Please could someone kindly help me out how i can select only the floor plans in Revit with Dynamo? I tried the “Category” node to select all levels but it selected the ceiling plans as well. is there a node that can select all the floor plans only?

Instead of Category, use Element Type and choose ViewPlan.
Then use, All Elements of Type to grab all the plan views.

Thank you @habdirad. Please I have tried it but it grabs the ceiling plans aw well.

From there, you will have to filter. You can use the node Object.Type and an == node to check if it is equal to “Revit.Elements.Views.FloorPlanView”. After that, use a FilterByBoolMask node to get only the floor plans. If you need help on how to use == node or FIlterByBoolMask, you should check out the Dynamo Primer.

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Thank you very much @kennyb6. Your approach worked for me.

That is what i actually wanted to do.