Selecting Family name of Structural Framing in Dynamo

I’m trying to select the family name (not the Family Typename) of Structural Framing from Loadable families in Dynamo.
So far this is the closest I’ve come:

However now I’m stuck (It’s been a whyle since I used Dynamo), so I can’t remember how to subtrack the last part (after ***, Family: ).

At all other family types this works:

Unfortunately for Structural Framing it doesn’t.

Thankx for any suggestions…

Hi @Bart.Jeurissen

This should work for you:

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Thankx Kulbul this helpt.
Unfortunately your method did not quit work (see image below), but I could use the last part of it to make it work.

Please upload an image that shows the node names please.

I’ve changed the image.