Selecting all hosted (face based/wall bsed) elements on a wall

How do I select all face/wall based families on a wall and delete them

like this:


i cannot find the Grimshaw package


Its called now on

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i want to delete only the sockets…how do i fiter them??

Centroid unit wall Duplication.dyn (16.8 KB)

Centroid.dyn (5.1 KB)

Centroid unit wall.dyn (7.1 KB)

Centroid unit wall Hide voids.dyn (15.1 KB)

You can filter them in many different ways.
ByParameterValue, ByName etc.

Or you can use “String.Contains” to get true/false on your elements and then filter with List.Filt.ByBoolMask.

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I gave a pretty good example of how to do this in the other topic @ashwinash112 started.

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