Select Wall surroundings elements , which are plaster walls walls

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I am trying to join walls to walls so that door and window opening are clear automatically.

Basically i have started with selecting all walls with door ans window as host,
Now trying to get all surrounding walls that are parallel to it , plaster wall , paint wall, and skirting wall.
i need all theses walls to be joined.

This were i got so far…

Get surrounding elements node gives a lot of elements and is creating complications.

Is there any way to select all the parallel walls to the host walls with specific distance .
i believe then i could join those walls and my problem is solved.

There is a node by Springs 26-11-2018%201552
.This you can use.

i get null values

Try the Element.Geometry node between “Tool.GetSur…” and “Springs.Geometry…”

thank you,

it worked but still does not give results that i pursue.

Anything on selecting surrounding elements that are parallel to the host wall, would help may be.

Any other way to get this solved…?

This works on curves. So you will need to convert walls in to curves. here is an example.

Might be better to group by normalized vectors and then distance, instead of just grouping by distance. I say this as a T shaped wall intersection with multiple ‘walls’ around the core for both would group all walls by the same distance.

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Please share the example @abhijeetraje

Hi @abhijeetraje

Thank you for the example,

Which package or where can i find the node " line.groupbyparallel"

It is by Chynamo.

Closing this topic as the original poster started a new one for the same issue.