Select wall face from point

hi @c.poupin,

Need to place the wall based electrical receptacles in the electrical file from the architectural model. but I am having the Location Only, since in Architectural file its work plane based. I need to get the nearest wall face.

Kindly Advice me.

From the FamilyInstance.Location how can I get the nearest wall face?.

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SP Dhilip Seshan.FamilyInstance By Face.dyn (11.2 KB) link architectural file R20.rvt (1.4 MB) working electrical file R20.rvt (3.0 MB)

Hello @dhilipseshan

Your request is quite complex.

Here are some steps that will get you started:

  • collect the walls of the linked model
  • get the boundingBoxes of these walls (with an offset)
  • check for each instance of Families if it is in the boundingBox
  • if so, find the wall and the closest surface with the DistanceTo () or Face.Project () method (geometry of Faces to extract)
  • define the point on the surface
  • create a reference (in the host model) from the Face in the linked model
  • create the instance following an orientation to be defined

Added to this is the management of transformations if the models are not aligned.

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