Select Tags of linked items


I have a situation where we reference linked views to our sheets. The users should have tagged items in the linked file to prevent errors and having to rehost tags when problems occur.

You probably guessed it: there are users that tagged views in the main file, not the linked one.

I am able to find all views with links using the script below, but it will not select tags that are hosted by elements in linked files.

Does anyone have any clue how I can find all views with tags in it that are hosted to/by a linked view?


What are you looking for? Tags that live in a link file? Views that live in a link file which have some tags in them? Or…?


thanks for your reply, here is how we have set the documetation up.

  • tower file contains all sheets with views but no 3D elements
  • tower file has typical floor file linked in
  • the linked typical floor has views as they will appear (including the tags) in the sheets in the tower file
  • the view setting of the views on the sheet in the tower file refer to the corresponding view (including tags) in the typical floor (by linked file)


  • some 3D elements in the linked file were not tagged in the view in the link file but in the view on the sheet in the tower file
  • I am looking for the tags in the tower file that refer to elements in the linked typical floor file

I hope this explains more clearly?

Thanks Jan

If you are looking for local tags with linked hosts, the kind should all have a “Null” TaggedLocalElementId.

1.Get all Tags first.
2.Filtered by TaggedLocalElementId.
3.Your targets are the ones with null on TaggedLocalElementId.