Select nearby elements

Hello, everybody

I am needing to develop a routine in dynamo to create assemblies, containing the structural columns and corbels (precast) as shown in the picture.

A while ago I developed the same routine, but it was based on the host of the corbels, which were the pillars. However, the new family used is not based on hosts.

I thought of doing the new routine with boudingbox or by the location of the elements.

Does anyone have any idea how to select in dynamo elements that are close or have intersections? I already have the part about creating the assemblies.

I’d suggest the best way to do this is to intersect bounding boxes of provided elements using Python with a while loop. This will keep running until there are no possible remaining intersections between a ‘starting’ element from that provided list of elements. You would need to remove the possible intersecting elements from each iteration of the loop to ensure that eventually there are no possible outcomes left.

There isn’t really a way for dynamo to know a logical point to stop at really though, so you’d need to be 100% sure that the provided elements are not intersecting elements from other potential assemblies.

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Thanks for the idea, @GavinCrump
But I managed to solve it in a different way. I created solids from the geometries of the columns and corbels, identified which corbels had intersections with the columns, created a script to identify the index at which the test was true, and selected these corbels and their respective columns.