Select model element keeps changing


The select model element keeps changing When I click the other element to place the family. The previous one gets deleted or removed and the new one will be placed on the model element selected.
I want to have the family when I click number of model elements. It should remain. So when I select the other model element it will place the family on the selected model element but the previous placed family will be deleted. So I want that to be remained as it is.

run the same script using dynamo player,

I did that. But it is not working. The previous one getting deleted.

In dynamo: If you are running the same script 3 time, (assuming you are creating wall at 3 different location) Run 1,it will create the wall at location 1, run 2, it will delete wall at location 1 and create wall at location 2, run 3, it will delete wall at location 2 and create wall at location 3.
it override the previous command (deleting previous run script and execute new run)

But In Dynamo player, it wont override your previous command, it will keep both the command.
run 1, wall at location 1 and in run 2 wall at location 2 (wont delete wall of location 1) run3 wall at location 3.

Yes I agree with you. But in dynamo player also it is happening the same. It is overriding the previous one and the previous one getting deleted after the new placement.

Can you show the script ?

IN the above snip, I have kept select model element as input and also the wall types as input