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Hi all.
I’m wondering if there is any node which you can select elements from a list by picking one by one. Something like this:

I must recognize that i don’t know python enough to create that node, but i think it’s a very good idea for making selections in Dynamo much easier.
Programmers, this is a cal for you. Take it as a challenge. :grinning:

Try Springs.Filter.BySelection

Maybe look at FilterByBoolMask

or in a code block

listIn = “A”…“D”;
mask = {true, true, false, true};
FBBM = List.FilterByBoolMask(listIn, mask);
TGVND = __TryGetValueFromNestedDictionaries;
filterIN = TGVND(FBBM, “in”);
filterOUT = __TryGetValueFromNestedDictionaries(FBBM, “out”);
both = {filterIN,filterOUT};

The datashapes package can be used this way.


Package Juggernaught has one


Wow, you are really fast boys :grinning::grinning:
Thanks @john_pierson, this is nearly what i wanted. It only needs the unselected list output, but now it’s perfect for my actual project.

Hi John,
I was wondering if there is a way to select multiple items using the “shift” key instead of picking one by one?

Hmm. I imagine there is. But with this specific package I am not sure it has been updated in some time. Have you checked out data shapes for this sort of interaction?

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Dear people,

I get this warning.

What do I have to Fix?