Select cogo points within a closed polyline

Hello all
Is there a code for selecting points within closed polyline
like the image
Or any idea about it?
Thank you

Select cogo points (or other things) within a closed polyline.dwg (962.5 KB)

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Thank you
Indeed, this is what I want
Is it possible to increase the points on the ARCES until it is taken completely?
Because he was painted as he is in yellow, so he did not choose the POINTS inside the POLYLINE as required
As it is shown in the picture
I hope you are clear
Sorry for the many requests
Thank you

Sure. That script was designed to just take the vertices of the polycurve, so to get a better representation of the arc segments you could use something like Curve.PointsAtSegmentLengthFromPoint or Curve.PointAtParameter with a list of parameters from zero to one. Another option would be to use a Surface instead of a Polygon. Something like this:


Thank you @mzjensen
Thank you