Select beams by level

Dear All

Can someone help me knowing how to select beams at particular level.
All Elements at Level does not select beams.
I selected all elements by Structural framework category to get the list.
Sorted list with parameter “Reference Level”, But don’t know how to separate it as per levels.

Hi @patshai

This should get you started.

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@patshai Here is another possible way to Select Beams by Level.


Thank you @Kulkul

I hope, I will be able to complete the further script.

There is also this neat node in the Rhythm package from @john_pierson

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Hi Tom,

I’m actually trying to get all Structural Framing Elements at L1 but the result i get is
also counting the Elements at L10, L11, L12, etc.

I’m thinking i can get away by renaming my Level from L1 to L01. But if this is really the case,
can somebody help me what to do?



My guess is that maybe the elements on your other levels are actually referencing Level 1.

Hi Tom,

I’ve checked my model and non of them is referencing L1.

Can anyone say how to convert the boolean filtered list back to elements

Hi kulkul, I need to add one more filter at the end. It’s like I need to get a selection set by mentioning a specific beam size. Please help me in this