Select all Pipes and Structures in a Single Pipe or Pressure Network


I was looking into seeing if there is an easy way to use dynamo to select all the pipes and structures from a single pipe or pressure network (in the case that there are multiple networks in drawing). This selection will be used in another dynamo program, I just don’t see any selection nodes currently that would allow me to select all items in a network or do a “select similar” type command that you can already do in autocad. Thanks.

You can do it with the Civil 3D Toolkit. You can select all networks (pipe or pressure), filter on the network you want and then get the pipes and structures for that network

I see the Civil 3D Toolkit nodes for working with Pipe Networks, but I don’t see any nodes to specifically select the network in the drawing. For context, I would like to be able to select an individual network (pipe or pressure) and then set the layer that all the objects in that network are on (pipe/structure, pipe/fitting/appurtenance). Can you attach a screenshot of what you are describing in your reply? Thanks.

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Thank you for the help. My last question relating to this is in regard to using the code block to call specific indices. I understand how to call a range from a list like the image linked shows. But say I want to call a few of the indices that are not in a specific range (something like 0,2,4). Or even if I had a list of 20 items and wanted to call item 3,8,11,16,19,20. What is the proper way to call those within the code block? Essentially filtering a list from within a code block. This is probably a simple answer. Thanks!

I was able to answer my own question. Need to use double brackets now. It seems dyanmo no longer uses curly brackets. a[{0,2,3}] NO , a[[0,2,3]] YES