Script for placing lights from a Template room to similar rooms in one project

Hi everyone.
I have a question about a project I’m currently working on for the sake of expediting the work.
can we place lights from a Template room to similar rooms using Dynamo?
I mean with similar Rooms, that are rotated or mirrored.

Yes, you can utilize the topology of the room to propagate furnishings, equipment, and other content.

I once had a graph (before starting at Autodesk) which put every bit of hotel room equipment and furnishings (bed, artwork, mirror, desk, nightstands, lights, switches, etc.) based on propagating one of each room type manually and then letting Dynamo drive the rest of the content via automation.

The key is to define the content on a relative location - I used the coordinate system at the corner nearest the entry of the base room, transformed the object to the origin coordinate system, then transform again to the coordinate system at the same location in the room(s) to populate.


Thank you for your response and explanations.
It’s great. I have some proficiency in Dynamo and I’m currently learning more, as I need to speed up certain tasks for the project I’m working on.
I’m not exactly sure which nodes to use. Could you assist me in the script?
I appreciate your help.

Edited mh response, but look into coordinate systems and Geometry.Transform. :slight_smile: