Schedule Re-organization

Ok, I have a problem which I don’t know can actually be fixed, but let’s give it a try:

I have a couple schedules that for some strange reason are located under a “Spaces” category, but I would like them to appear under a different category (Lighting Devices). However, when I check out their properties, everything is the same. See images attached.

I’m told by my technical support that this is a read-only property that I just need to live with or recreate the schedule, which I’d rather not do if I can help it. Does anyone know of a way I can recategorize them?

Not a dynamo thing.
This is indeed a hard coded. You are not scheduling lighting devoices - you’re scheduling spaces. And information attached to this spaces. Only lighting devices fall under the lighting category.

Of course you can sort your schedule grouping by all sorts of things, but that doesn’t change the base object that schedule is quantifying.