Schedule Count to Shared Parameter Value

I getting close from reading posts and looking at blogs but hung up at the moment. I’m pretty sure the “string replace” is the wrong one to use. Trying to take the current “schedule count” and placing those values into a “shared parameter” value called “PROG Count” so we can get it to show in a tag. The other bonus is someone doesn’t have to type those valves manually like they do now…

What am I missing?

Last item, if I go back into the project and copy a mass the schedule updates, when I go back to Dynamo and hit “run” the value doesn’t update. If I shut down Dynamo and open it again and hit “run” then it reads correctly, odd???

Count to Shared Parameter

Hi Jarod,

Welcome to world of Dynamo! If you want to place any values use “SetParameterNode” see screenshot below. For your Last item, Run Dynamo in Automatic mode (It may cause error sometimes) if you want your process not to be manual. Hope it helps!






Thanks Kulkul, one more piece of the puzzle down…

Been using the “automatic” but still seeing some weirdness where it doesn’t update…

What are you trying to update? It would be better if you can take screenshots put it down here what errors your facing.