Scale Script for a Annotation Family on a Drawing Sheet

Is there a way to create a script for a Annotation Family, that once placed on a sheet i can scale as needed.

Annotation Families scale with the views to plot to the same size on a sheet.

You can include parameters in your annotation family to swap symbols or to adjust constraints and thereby change the size, but this requires family editing, not script work.

Hi Robert
Thank you for the reply - i will have a look at this - but i think my issue a little more complex than what i have initially posted.

If you provide more details on what you’re looking to do, what you think are the needed steps in-between, and what you have attempted so far, it might be possible to help.

Hi Robert. What i have done to date is to create my “Generic Annotation Note”. Some of the members in my team have then inserted this onto a sheet, but we might have to either scale this done or scale it up to suit our needs. i have plenty of these safety notes that i place on a sheet and each one would have to have these scale properties. Unfortunately i cannot upload anything due to being a new user.


You can paste screenshots, or link to a dropbox containing the files if needed to clarify.

Hello Robert

i must have missed this reply from you. image

This is an Annotation family that i insert onto a shett in revit then i want to scale it as need be. This will be a template to perhaps 200 types of notes i have that will have to work in a similar way.

What’s the reasoning behind needing to scale it? If it’s an annotation, especially one with text, wouldn’t you want it to be the same size for all drawings?

Hi Nick

We have plenty of safety notes that we insert onto a drawing sheet together with our layouts. So at some point some of these notes will have to be either scaled up or down as the current size might be too big for the space you have. This could change layout to layout and project to project.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to make the note as small as possible to begin with? You obviously don’t want to scale the note beyond being legible. There’s really no point in scaling an annotation up.

I might be misunderstanding your situation though. A diagram would be very helpful.

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I think import as image instead

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I’ll admit this seems to be an unusual workflow. My exposure has been that standard practice for multiple annotative details or drafting views was that they are developed for a fixed plot size so that the text is legible on a 24X36 project, a 36X48 project, or even 8.5x11. If the sum of all the details cannot fit on the paperspace, I’d usually add more sheets.

@sovitek’s response is probably the most versatile choice here.


Hii Robert. Hopefully not :wink: i would love to look at this familie if @pieter.strydomY4BNN will share :wink: