Save Sheet to New File


I would like to know if anyone has ever tried to automate the Save to New File feature with Dynamo.
In my company, when we circulate a model I normally create a Sheet without title block and then include a copy of the default 3dview inside. Then I normally call both the 3d view and the sheet “Model Share”, go to the browser and right click on the sheet “Model Share”, choosing “Save to New File”. This, then, creates a copy of the file with no standards, to protect our IP, etc. I don’t want users performing this and don’t want to stop what I am doing to do so myself, so, a Dynamo Graph to perform this task from the Dynamo Player would be ideal.

This is the closest I’ve found and I am looking into it but it comes with outdated nodes that I can’t seem to update, plus custom code, etc:

I wonder if anyone could point me to at least the first steps or at least clarify if this has been tried and isn’t possible (closed API or something like that)

Thanks in advance