Same List into Different List

Hi all, I try to combine same list into single list. Can any one help this.

if you referring to same item in the list
you can use list unique item

You can use the node PRUNE DUPLICATES. That will remove duplicates in a list. If that is what you are looking for.

Thanks for yours replay @ck_user & @maltheshkathare.
I tired ur solution but its not a duplicate value. Value is same on X and Y only, Z axis is differ.
I also attached the snapshot for your reference. Thanks in advance.1

Can you elaborate what you mean by same list into different list and what you want to achieve. It will be easier to help

Ya sure@maltheshkathare. I want to export Top surface Coordination value for structural foundation. If I tried to export coordination value means bottom surface also include in this list. I have to eliminate that bottom value.Coordination Point.dyn (22.1 KB)

  1. Extract point.z of all points,
  2. Find max of that z value in each list. (Z = 150 in list 0 for example)
  3. Use == condition for Max value with point z you will get true or false
  4. Use list.filterbymask. mask will be true or false list and input list will be point list.
  5. True list will be top surface and false list will be bottom surface.

Super @maltheshkathare
Know I clear the problem. Thanks