Running Revit Room Book from Dynamo


No, the area parameter does not report a correct value on my side, it’s best to use Width * Length as indicated here:

I noticed that I need to work with units set to millimeters to get a correct result with my current file.
I don’t know either where this Area parameter comes from since it is apparently not schedulable and does not appear in instance nor type parameters lists.
I only found this about it:

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I corrected the definition by adding a parameter to door & Window family, it is now correctly reporting the values. The script still has certain limitation in the following scenarios-

1.Rooms with room separation lines
2.Rooms with wall not running up to full height such as balconies
Wall Area Plaster_Attempt 2.dyn (25.6 KB)

Thank you all for all the help. :grinning:


Glad you worked it out! :smiley: