Running Dynamo Node inside Pyhton got data type error

I need to run AdaptiveComponent.ByPoint node inside a PythonScript, but while I pass the data into the calling, Dynamo pops up error with data type. While I pass the same date into single node outside PythonScript, Dynamo can place the component properly.

Does any one know how to fix this so it can be placed by PythonScript?


try to use a for loop

for i in pts:

It can be expressed as follows:

It expects a two-dimensional array of points.

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Why are you reinventing the wheel and doing this in python?

Also, if you really must use python why not use th Revit API version instead of the Dynamo call of the Revit call?

yes, the Dynamo methods will definitely give you funny behavior when called like this as they have element binding turned on.