Run List.FilterByBoolMask multiple times for every sublist of True/False values


Here is my intent: I am looking to detect and report security Devices near Doors. So, I’ve created a bounding box for every door and checked it against all security devices. If the device is within the bounding box, I get a “true”, if not I get a “false” so far so good. I have a sublist for each door and it tells me wheter each of the security devices are within that box.

I also have a list of all all my devices. What I’m trying to do is, instead of true/false, I want dynamo to report which device is within that range. I can easily get this done if I run this for the sub-list of one door but I can’t seem to establish the logic compare devices versus all sub-lists that report true/false. I’m attaching the picture below, thanks for your help in advance.

Use List Levels. Change your mask input to @2.