Run Lisp on many Linked DWGs file in a Revit doc

Hi Friends,
i am trying to run a lisp through many Linked Dwgs files [Is it possiable or should run the lisp before link them to Revit, i linked first to not save the changes on the CAD files source] and i checked all the posts related on this topic in all the forum but and tried the python script but in vain, i think there is something i missing so i appreciate any help or guide me to fix it.
“It give me error Application no found”
Thanks in advance.

Where did you copied that code from?

If you can’t figure it out in Dynamo, there is an old tool called ScriptPro2:

With this program you can select a list of dwgs and a lisp script and run on all of them. It doesn’t matter if you run it before or after linking, you can just reload the linked dwgs.

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By the looks of it your code is meant to be run in the context of Dynamo for Civil 3d. I recommend doing a save as of the DWGs, processing them via Dynamo for Civil, and importing those rather than attempting to modify the content in a Revit context; the DWG editing tools aren’t available in Revit, and the interop API is quite unstable.