Run Civil 3D Command Line from Dynamo

I looked pretty hard and can’t find much on just having Dynamo run a command in Civil 3D as part of a Dynamo script. I would like to do something like select all Polylines and run a certain command on them. Here is what I have:

What is the warning?

Thanks Zach!

import System
from System import Array

DOCv = CADCC.ActiveDocument
DOCdata = DOCv.Database

MyList = []

MyList.extend([1, 1, 0])
MyList.extend([10, 10, 0])
MyList.extend([15, 15, 0])

lstvertex = Array[float](MyList)

SPACE = DOCv.ModelSpace
poly = SPACE.AddPolyline(lstvertex)
poly.Closed = True

OUT = poly	
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