Run a script without all packages included in it

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When sharing a Dynamo Script, Dynamo does not run it unless you have all the specified packages within the script installed in that other computer. However, it does not happen with custom nodes. I wonder if there is any way of unlink the packages of a selected script so it can always be run in all computers even if all packages within the script are not installed.

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It depends on the packages, but most of all are made with python and ootb nodes. If you edit those nodes and “extract” the main nodes (usually the python) by copy paste them, you will remove the dependence.
Obviously you cannot do anything with zero touch or similar compiled nodes.

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Awesome @FabioDeAgostini ! Thanks. Has anyone gone futher in automating this process?

No, and I would not recommend doing so.

You are trading the need to manage packages for the need to maintain larger, slower graphs with more code that you will have to self maintain. Add in the fact that you’ll get inconsistent element binding, and won’t be able to leverage list lacing and levels correctly, and suddenly any perceived value is reduced drastically. And this still does t account for zero touch node or other means of writing the node as an externally compiled DLL which will still require distribution.

It takes a half day or less to get IT to set up code to copy packages onto user’s local discs. You’ll spend far longer on the issues highlighted above.


Thanks @JacobSmall !

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@JacobSmall absolutely, you’re right. If the issue is only “reach” the packages from every workstation, just put into shared location (but sometimes it slow the search) or “robocopy” the packages into all pc in batch.

My previous reply was strictly related to run nodes without the package installed but not the way to manage a library into a company. Forgive me for confusing


Orkestra already solves this by auto-managing packages on the fly from the cloud. And they do it really well. This is one reason I have decided not to tackle that myself with Relay.

Maybe someone will weigh in on here though and hand you the solution for your closed-source tool.

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