Rule Type & Category not working with Create Filter

Hi all,

I’m using Archi-Lab’s node to create a few filters though I am having problems with both the Categories and Rule Type nodes.

As shown in the image below, I want to feed a list of Categories to Create the Rule but it won’t work. Even when I feed a single Category not always work (ie: it does for Walls but not for Floors).

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thanks heaps!


I have the same problem… does someone knows what’s happening?


Hi Pablo, did you find a solution to your problem? I’m continuing having the same problem with this node…

Hi ste_camp, unfortunately I haven’t found anything new yet. Apparently it won’t work for certain Categories.

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Yeah I know, this node doesn’t work well… and seems that no one has a solution for this.

@Konrad_K_Sobon is there any restriction to the categories you can feed into ViewFilter.CreateRule node?

No, there are no restrictions. The only restriction is limitations of code that I used to build these nodes. They are not perfect. I haven’t been upgrading them because since I have published they are almost been deprecated. There are new nodes available in the OOTB Dynamo that can do exactly what you are asking for, so there is no incentive for me to keep updating mine. Just use the OOTB stuff:

I will remove mine from Archi-lab package as soon as new, and stable release of Dynamo comes out.



Hi @Konrad_K_Sobon, thanks a lot for clarifying this, I really appreciate it.

Thanks so much Konrad for all your hard work both in your wonderful packages but also all your posts and valued input you provide in these forums. I started Dynamo about a month ago but with searching and following tips in these forums I’ve developed a good grasp of Dynamo. The one thing I’ve still not figured out is in your post on March 12 above is how to loop through the ParameterFilterElement.ByRules node so I can feed a list of names so I could create more than one filter at a time. Usually we have a list of 100+ panels to create worksets for and then create view filters to help color the conduits from the respective panel workset. I’ve got the creation from Excel spreadsheet working fine.

Now I’m working on getting the user to input what worksets they want to create filters for as well as what categories they want to apply the filters too.

I’ve been digging around and think I found my answer but still having problems:

Hi @Konrad_K_Sobon – raising the dead on this one, and appreciate that you’re not updating your nodes, as I was getting an error using one earlier. The issue I’m having now with the solution you provided is that I want to batch create filters for things that don’t exist in the model (i.e. services elements coming from a linked model), so that I can setup coordination filters. Is there a way to do this without the elements living in the host model (this just yields empty lists).

Attaching two versions of the script – the first with archilab nodes, the second with OOTB.

Here’s the error that comes up from archilab:

It must be something super simple that I’m missing, but hoping someone can assist – much appreciated!

Archi-Lab had an update 4 days ago. Might be that you have the wrong version installed (see the link).

Ah, @jacob.small, thank you for mentioning – I just re-read and it sounded a bit catty in my post. I legit meant that I appreciated that he wasn’t updating, because he mentioned (back in 2017) that the OOTB route could solve it, so why would he update. Sorry if that came across a bit weird or rude.

The link went to an older post, but all the same, I did check and I am running the latest from 6 July, so not sure that’s the issue. Even running the ‘FilterRule.CreateRule’ node with simple / singular inputs yields the same error, so just looking for some assistance on that, as I’m not able to achieve batch creating new filters using the OOTB method (because the filters I’m setting up pertain to elements from linked models). Hope that clarifies a bit more! :slight_smile:

Hi @ashley.hastingsWB are you sure that is system type and not system classification…there is some difference with rule type if you use archilab vs ootb, but not sure thats it

PS. does it work if you do it manuelly ? with these rules and critia

Yes, able to create them manually – no issue there (but of course I’m holding out for the script to do it, lol). Good shout on the differences with the Rule Type node – sadly, no difference made using either or. And same for switching to Classification versus Type (in either case, the ‘contains’ should cover the content regardless of which parameter used, so that’s something :smiley: ). So, still stuck!

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if you have a small rvt - dyn sample you could share we can take a look

It can be done from a new model, no elements really required. Here are the two scripts I tried. The OOTB method, as mentioned, requires that the elements already live in the model in order to create the filter; however, my aim is to use these filters on linked elements, so they’ll never exist in the model anyway – that’s why Konrad’s method was so ideal. It’s just about creating a bunch of filters – even if the elements don’t exist, the filter can still be created manually. I’m just trying to use a script to batch create because there will ultimately be 10+ filters, so was looking for a way to make it smarter :slight_smile:

FILTERS_batch create_archilab.dyn (22.4 KB)
FILTERS_batch create_ootb.dyn (25.3 KB)

Hi for system type you will need feed in the mechincal system type and use equal ruletype…the rest should just be some list level and some lacing i guess…

probably you more is after system name ?