Rounding numbers in list?



I have this list, It contains a crazy amount of diffrent, numbers. The numbers are the radius of circles. I would like to make a rule, that only allows the list to contain for example 5 different numbers… So something like this…

less than - 00.0010 = 00.0010
More than - 00.0010 = 00.0015

Hoping for the explanation to be okay :slight_smile: And thx in advantage.


Sounds like you’re trying to round your numbers to a specific precision:


It sounds about right, im having trouble watching the image tho. But think its a problem all around the forum right now? did try with 3 different browsers now :slight_smile:

I will get back with a more specific feedback, when i can see what actually happens :slight_smile:


i think this is what you try to do.
use "if " after rounding them.


Should not be a problem with the image. Have you tried to right click and open it in a new tab?


As you describe it, it sound like you want to have the result split into a specific number of steps.
something like the below, where I take all random numbers and force them to be rounded into 8 steps.

Random List By Rule

That did the trick, clean and simple thx… :slight_smile:


Thx for all suggestions, and they are all useable :slight_smile: Thx again for this fantastic community :slight_smile: