Rotation about three-point adaptive family

Hello everyone, I used this script and a three-adaptive point family to creat tunnel,
the reference points in this family can rotate around the Zaxis, but what can i do to let
these familys rotate around the tangent line to creat staggered joints between two adjacent familys?20191115_tunnel based on three adaptive-point family.dyn (76.3 KB) three adaptive point family.rfa (748 KB)

Hi @17621047566
Curve.TangentAtParameter will get you started.

Thanks for your reply,but I think I didn’t describe this issue clearly.
Acturally, I want to know how to let these three familyinstance rotate around the center axis.

there are 2 options:

  1. You can put a rotation parameter into your profil and than place this profil on to your adaptiv points

  2. place 3 adaptive points, place on every adaptive point(horizontal plane) a reference point, set rotation around Z-AXis, than place a reference point on the last reference point( ZX or ZY plane) and control these 2 rotation with parameters. Place now your profil on the last reference point.
    It isen’t easy to show, but imagine that these 2 ref points are on the adaptive point.

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Thanks for your reply,
step 1,I created an angle parameter on the profile ;

step 2, I upload this profile family into the self-adaption family;
step 3, I put 3 rotation parameter on those reference points like you said ;
Here is my confuse , how can I control the angle parameter in step 1 ,so I can use the “setparameterbyname” node in dynamo to change the family’s angle paramter in the project? because I can’t even see that parameter in the project?

Thanks Fiesta ,It’s works ,I’m very happy for that~~