Rotating curtain wall panels

Hi everyone, thank you for your help. I am new here, any idea welcome!

I would like to create a curtain wall consists of gradually rotating curtain wall panels. Would you mind giving me some directions ?

Thanks in advance !


Hello Kui Xue,

I have come up with the solution which is no so user-friendly, but it achieves your expected results.

I will provide the better solution soon.

For now you can use this solution.

Download my Package from Package Manager. (RotateAdaptiveComponentDuringPlacement)

Sample Files are here…rotating curtain wall panels revit file 4PointADC you have to load this family to your project.




Hi Ritesh,

Thank you very much!

I 'll try it now.


Hi Ritesh,

Thank you for your help. However I was not able to download the package you mentioned.


When I was posting this question, I was thinking just use a generic curtain wall family . As shown in the first image, I set up an instance parameter “Angle” to drive the angle of the curtain wall panel. And then load this family into the project file.

So in Dynamo, if we can assign right value to "Angle " parameter , then we can get what I expect as shown in the third image (using Element.SetParameterByName) . I don’t know how to assign a list of values according to the location of different curtain wall panels or baguettes.

Will this approach work? Thank you so much! Kui

Project curtain wall

@Kui Xue - See if this works.

Project File with a Curtain Panel Family: CW-RotatingPanels.rvt

Dynamo Definition: RotateCurtainPanels.dyn



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@<span class=“author-link”>Vikram Subbaiah</span>

Thank you very much Vikram!

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